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HI701 колориметр серии Checker для определения свободного хлора, 0-2,5 мг/л

Артикул HI701 колориметр серии Checker для определения свободного хлора,
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Описание товара

Краткое описание:

The Hanna Free Chlorine Checker® bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation. Chemical test kits have limited accuracy and resolution since they rely upon the human eye to discern differences in color. Professional instrumentation incorporates a light source such as an LED or tungsten lamp with a filter and a light sensing detector to precisely determine absorbance and ion concentration. Professional instrumentation offers greater resolution and accuracy but can cost hundreds of dollars. The Hanna Free Chlorine Checker® uses a fixed wavelength LED and silicon photo detector to provide the accuracy of professional instrumentation at the affordable price of a chemical test kit.

Compact, Portable Design

Built-in Timer

One Button Operation

Range: 0.00 to 2.50 ppm
Resolution: 0.01 ppm
Accuracy @ 25 C/77 F: ±0.03 ppm ±3% of reading
Light Source: LED @ 525 nm
Light Detector: silicon photocell
Method: adaptation of the USEPA 330.5 and Standard Method 4500-Cl G
Environment: 0 to 50 C (32 to 122 F) RH max 95% non-condensing
Battery Type: (1) 1.5V AAA
Auto-off: after ten minutes of non-use
Dimensions: 81.5mm x 61mm x 37.5mm (3.2 x 2.4" x 1.5)
Weight: 64 g (2.25 oz.)
Ordering Information: HI701 Checker® is supplied with (2) sample cuvettes with caps, free chlorine reagent starter kit for 6 tests (6 powder reagent packets), battery, instructions and quick start guide.

The HI701 Checker®HC (Handheld Colorimeter) is a simple, accurate and cost effective way to measure free chlorine. Free chlorine is the active form of chlorine used for disinfection of drinking water, swimming pools and spas, and vegetable rinse water. Free chlorine in water is also harmful to a reverse osmosis membrane and needs to be monitored for removal from source water prior to being used. Designed as a more accurate alternative to chemical test kits, the HI701 provides quick, accurate results in four easy steps:

Features at-a-glance:

  • Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits
  • Dedicated to a single parameter
  • Small size, big convenience
  • Ideal for: Water Quality, Environmental, Education, Pools and Spas
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